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Art - Saloon - Daniela Knezhevich
The Artist Daniela Knezhevich

The Artist Daniela Knezhevich was born on 02. O7.1968 in Sofia/Bulgaria.

In 2003 she finished the Academy for Theater and movie, Sofia, subject screenplay. She is a winner of the bronze medal of the 6 international festival in Heivinca, Finland. Since 1987 paint she icons. She takes part in national and international exhibitions:

Italy - 1995 ; Oipen, Belgium - 1997; Düsseldorf, Germany - 1998; Holland - 2000.

Independent exhibitions: 1990 - Sofia; 1999 - Sofia, Gallery "Assen Vassilev"; 2000 - Sofia.

Her icons and masterworks are owned by some of the collectors in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Serbia, USA, Canada, UK, Austria, France and Russia. The Patriarch of Moscow and Russia Alexis II is owner of her icon.

Nowadays she lives and works in Sofia. He is represented by NEST-ART®.

Some of his icons are shown below and they are presented for sale. If you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Palm sunday
Madonna Altar wood-carver
1. "Palm sunday" Wood € Ask
2 ."Madonna Altar wood-carver" € Ask
St. George
Jesus with saints
3. "St. George" Wood € Ask
4. "Jesus with saints" Wood € Ask
5. "Crucifix" Wood € Ask
6. "Crucifix" Wood € Ask
Jesus on theThrone
Crucifix with Jesus
7. "Jesus on theThrone" Wood € Ask
8. "Crucifix with Jesus" Wood € Ask
9 ."Jesus" Wood € Ask
10. "Jesus" Wood € Ask
The mother of God
The mother of God(from Bachkovo monastery)
11. "The mother of God" Wood € Ask
12. "The mother of God (from Bachkovo)" Wood € Ask
The mother of God(from Nessebar)
The mother of God(from Rila monastery)
13. "The mother of God(from Nessebar)" Wood€ Ask
14. "The mother of God(from Rila monastery)" Wood € Ask
The mother of God
St. Dimiter
15. "The mother of God" Wood € Ask
16. "St. Dimiter"- Wood - € Ask
St. Mina
St. Konstatin and Elena
17. "St. Mina" Wood € Ask
18. "St. Konstatin and Elena" Wood € Ask
St. Ilia
Saint Three
19. "St. Ilia" Wood € Ask
20. "Saint Three" Wood € Ask
St Arahangel Mihail
Palm sunday
21. "St Arahangel Mihail" Wood € Ask
22. "Palm sunday" Wood € Ask
St. Joah Christ
St. Nikola
23. "St. Joah Christ" Wood € Ask
24. "St. Nikola" Wood € Ask
25. "Cavalry" Lether € SOLD
26. "Ascension" Wood € Ask
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